Here are some reasons we think you should participate in the HRSA events:

  • Networking. One of the most important tools of any person is their network. HRSA events grant you these exclusive opportunities; to network, not only with other students, but alumni, faculty, recruiters, top executives and CEOs as well.
  • Learn something new. The events give you a fun break from class to learn from experts in the HR field, and about industry trends.
  • Differentiation. It’ll be something you can add to your resume that will give you an edge over most people. Take it from us; employers love to see student involvement!
  • Career Possibilities. Being able to meet with and speak to HR professionals and industry experts gives you the opportunity to shine. You might be exactly what they’re looking for at their company, but they won’t know that if you’re not there to impress them!
  • No pressure! And hey, if those points don’t impress you, you can always just come for the awesome food and a safe environment in which you can observe how HR and business professionals interact and hear what they have to say.